The Mother Fuckin' Fart Hammer, Bitch!
Meet the Fart Hammer. He's a disturbed individual that has pioneered a new fetish for the 21st century. The practice of farting on a woman's face immediately after cumming all over it! That's right, he FINDS 'EM, FUCKS 'EM , blows his load all over their face, then FARTS ON THEM!
Out Of His Ass Comes A Nasty Gas!
Episode # 9 : The Mall Rats
The Hammer was visiting the local mall to stock up on his favourite snack, Hormel Chile, when he spotted four hotties in the food court. We close in, get them back to our pool and let the carnage begin! Not only does The Hammer manage to blow a load across several faces at once, he also expels a gut-wrenching blast of anal emissions that would be enough to choke a donkey. You only need to look at their faces to verify the potency of the stench. (Thanks Hormel Chile.)

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unleash his anal fury with these mall rats.

He Fucked Her, Then He Farted On Her!
Episode # 6 : Retard Birthday
Every girl feels sorry for retards. And The Fart Hammer knows this. The Fart Hammer uses this to his advantage. He was even able to get a bunch of hot chicks to show up for his birthday party. 
He could have blown out his birthday cake candles using his rather odd 'talent' ...but that would have probably blown us all up! What better way to celebrate The Hammer's birthday then by lining up a couple of hot girls, a few bottles of booze and some spicy mexican food! Don't forget the Chile! Actually for these girls, that is a recipe for disaster since we all know what's coming except them! I think you can tell the outcome by the look on their faces! 

Click to see the Fart Hammer fart on the chicks at his birthday!
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to see the Fart Hammer
unleash his anal fury at his birthday party.

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